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PTP machining center CNC woodworking machine drilling machine

  • series: 1230
  • traveling size: 3400*1640*250mm
  • Max.working size: 3060*1240*100mm
  • min. woeking size: 320*60mm
  • dimension: 5270*3060mm
  • net weight: 3800kg
  • traveling speed: 80m/min
  • drill bank info.: 9 vertical horizontal6 saw1

Product Detail

. This machine is suitable for the processing of diversified and complex products, with a wide range of functions: routing, drilling, cutting, side milling, sawing
. It can realize double-station processing. When the machine is operating at one station, the two stations can perform loading and unloading operations at the same time, and there is no idle time.
. Hat type automatic tool changing system
Vacuum adsorption: can do whole board adsorption or point-to-point adsorption
. The whole plate is processed without any need for cutting, and it can be cut online, which is convenient and fast for loading and unloading, and shortens the auxiliary time.