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EC2300-4 packing box and carton box machine

Product Detail

Intelligent carton cutting machine
carton machine

Fast paper output, no paper jam, set for customization.

core advantages

  • AI intelligent system to maximize the utilization of paper.
  • High-speed steel special corrugated paper cutter to improve durability.
  • Import special roller for cutting materials to ensure long-term cutting resistance, no wear and tear.
  • The tool rest is integrated and adopts FESTO cylinder from Germany, with high efficiency and stability.

Machining Flow

  • 1. Enter the package data after scanning the code or manually measuring the data.
  • 2. The system calculates the carton size according to the parcel data.
  • 3. The paper cutter automatically cuts the corresponding cardboard.
  • 4. Put the cardboard into the bevel paper feeder, and put the board under the cardboard.

Put in filler and Sealing boxcarton machine product line

carton machine

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