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Kitchen cabinet furniture making CNC Nesting machine ATC work center

  • series: 1530
  • traveling size: 3140*1600*200mm
  • working size : 3074*1550*50mm
  • dimension: 11200*3500mm
  • net weight : 6500kg
  • traveling speed: 80m/min
  • working speed: 20-25m/min
  • load and unload speed: 15m/min
  • splindle info.: 9kw 24000r/min

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Excitech has proven itself quality-wise by its successful presence in over 100 countries worldwide.Supported by a strong and resourceful sales and marketing network as well as technical support teams who are well trained and committed in providing our partners the best possible serviceExcitech has gained a global reputation as one of the most reliable and trusted CNC machinery solution pro-

viders.Excitech provides 24hr factory support with a team of highly experienced engineers that serve customers and partners around the worldaround the clock.


A Committment to Excellence Excitecha professional machinery manufacturing

companywas established with the most discriminating customers in mind. Your NeedsOur Driving Force We are committed to making your business a success by providing customized solutions necessary in achieving your goals.The seamless integration of our machineries with industrial automation software and system enhances our partners‘competitive advantages by helping them achieve:

Quality,Service and Customer Centric while Creating Unending Value

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4 lock knife block helps lock the tool holders tightly, and make tool be changed easily.lQDPDhtKR2f909HNCMTNBDiwFnnA0IWUmjMCSl8tqcBaAA_1080_2244

Nesting cell   multiple nesting machines+ robot

Multi-shift production  reduces number of workers

Reduce error   eliminates human errors, reduces panel damage

Enhance efficiency    greatly enhances efficiency

Output :260-320 panels/8hr

Nesting control system

Batch size 1 production

Allocate production based on nesting or panel size


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