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Panel saw-promoting the rapid development of furniture industry.

Panel saw-promoting the rapid development of furniture industry.
Electronic board saw has high cutting precision, fast cutting efficiency and simple operation.Electronic panel saw is an upgraded product of reciprocating saw and Handpush.Man-machine integrated operation, after inputting the plate size on the touch screen or PC, start the machine and cut the plate automatically.With the rapid development of the furniture industry, manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for plate cutting machinery, and all the shaft wheels are installed with expansion sleeves, which is very convenient for maintenance. The disadvantages of ordinary table saw, such as insufficient precision, edge collapse, fault, industrial injury and low efficiency, are becoming more and more obvious, which are puzzling the development of enterprises.The birth of electronic cutting saw effectively avoided such problems. The electronic sawing machine is equipped with a feeding manipulator to drag the sheet for automatic feeding, automatic positioning and automatic cutting. The high-precision servo system controls the feeding precision, and the electronic ruler performs precision compensation, which effectively ensures that the sawing end face of the sheet is intact and improves the working efficiency.Another feature of the electronic sawing machine is that ordinary workers can operate, and there is no need for technicians to maintain and debug the precision. The cooperation between them saves labor costs for enterprises.The electronic cutting saw has excellent performance and wide applicability, and can be widely used for precise cutting of MDF, particleboard, MDF, gypsum board, artificial stone, plexiglass, large core board, light guide plate, aluminum plate, aluminum plastic plate, circuit board, solid wood plate and other plates.

3  side clamp(standard) 18.5KW Servo-driven Saw carriage SONY DSC 开料锯叠切4片

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