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New stage, new future! EXCITECH South Base Phase II Project was successfully capped.

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In the trend of intelligent manufacturing, EXCITECH continues to climb new heights in the industry and further consolidate its position in the industry. On June 28th, Zhaoqing Dawang High-tech Industrial Park, the southern production base of EXCITECH, ushered in the capping ceremony of the second phase of the project, which is not only an important milestone in the company's development process, but also further strengthened our belief in the future of intelligent manufacturing.

The sun was blazing on June 28th, just like EXCITECH's passion and blood. In Zhaoqing, Guangdong, this vibrant land, the successful capping of EXCITECH Phase II project marks a new beginning. Since the start of the project, EXCITECH has quickly turned the design blueprint into reality with unprecedented speed and efficiency, showing the company's confidence and determination to conquer the market.
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The successful completion of the second phase project of EXCITECH South Base not only laid a solid foundation for the company's future development, but also greatly improved the production capacity and product quality, making our pace in the market more firm and powerful.

We will also continue to increase R&D strength, promote technological innovation in the home automation industry, and continuously introduce more forward-looking, more efficient and smarter solutions to meet market demand.
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EXCITECH South Base Phase II project will also introduce a new product line, covering high-end edge sealing equipment and smart packaging production line. This will not only greatly enrich EXCITECH's product portfolio and enhance its competitiveness, but also provide more diversified and personalized services to customers around the world, bring more business opportunities and development space to our partners, and also bring more advanced and intelligent production experience.
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The successful capping of the second phase project of EXCITECH South Base not only opens a new chapter in the company's development, but also indicates our infinite possibilities for the future. We will embrace the global market with a more open attitude and explore the vast world of smart production with global partners.

No one line, choose EXCITECH! We look forward to working with you to create a better future and open a new chapter in intelligent production.

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