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  • How to choose panel furniture nesting machine

    Choose a panel furniture nesting machine and compare the configuration of the equipment, there are three or four hundred core components of the CNC cutting machine, including the system, spindle, guide rail, rack, drill bag, frequency converter, reducer, etc. Pros and cons affect the service life...
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  • How do custom furniture enterprise choose drilling equipment?

    In recent years, the domestic panel furniture has developed rapidly. Now is the era of “personality”. Young people are always highlighting their personality in all aspects, making the concept of panel furniture and whole house customization appear in more and more In the family. Trad...
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  • The Current Situation And Trend of Woodworking Machinery

    Nowadays, woodworking machinery has formed a complete product system and industrial chain. Under this trend, woodworking machinery presents the following trends.   1) The professional division of equipment is more detailed Woodworking machinery production is developing from large to omnidirection...
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  • China Furniture Industry 4.0- EXCITECH

    In the first industrial revolution since the invention of the steam engine, people has entered the era of Industry 4.0, which is the era of intelligent manufacturing. On April 7, 2013, the Hannover Messe opened in Germany. The Chairman of the German Engineering Research Institute and the Chairman...
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  • Industry 4.0-Excitech smart factory for panel furniture processing

    Professionally promote the informationization, intelligence and unmanned construction of the furniture industry. Combine robots with intelligent automation equipment to improve the automation level of the factory, get rid of the dependence on workers, and effectively improve management efficiency...
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  • New design linear atc woodworking machine

    Reinforced ATC CNC working center, with strong body structure, high working efficiency and high speed. Fine carving without sawtooth ripple, smooth bottom plane, clear outline. 1.Linear tool magazine, simple a...
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  • Integrated solution for panel furniture production

    In 2013, Excitech launched the first flexible production line for panel furniture in China. The solution includes three parts as follows. A: E4 nesting solution with auto loading and unloading system  –Auto bar-code labeling, nesting and vertical drilling in one step.  B: EV583 Edge banding...
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  • Heavy duty woodworking machine with drill bank

    The machine is equipped with the drill bank of 9 vertical +6 horizontal +1 saw blade, which can do the work of vertical and horizontal drilling. Intended for processing fronts, paving, balustrades, doors and windows, engravings, etc. Well-suited for solid wood, PAL, MDF, plastic, resins, composi...
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  • CNC woodworking machine with multiple spindles

    Multifunctional CNC machine with high performance. Equipped with four different kinds of tools at the same time, achieve the function of automatic tool change. Suitable for cutting, grooving, drilling, milling and other processes at one time, without interruption during the tool changing process...
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  • EXCITECH Smart Factory-Total Solutions

    With self-developed MES and batch size 1 manufacturing control system, it is a total solution that can work around the clock and requires no human intervention during the manufacturing process. Featuring top notch components as always, the machines are inter-connected with a ‘brain’ that plans ah...
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  • New design dustfree nesting machine for furniture

    Excitech has been committed to the development and the upgrade of woodworking machine, in order to bring more product value to the user. Recently, our engineer have just launched the new design dustfree nesting machine. Adding the air blowing device on the machine can improve the effect of the du...
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  • EXCITECH helps you win orders in any situation

    EXCITECH's Automation trumps Corona Virus,  the veidos below show  senairos of  production resumed in our customers's plant. And, the key points for such great realisation:  Cloud Technology and CNC Know-how by EXCITECH: Order...
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  • EXCITECH goes on making excellent woodworking machines

    Through EXCITECH Team’s effort, even the Wuhan Virus, we offical back from Chinese New Year Holiday to office today. All departments and workshops are running well, we go on making excellent wood working machines. Enjoy and Fighting!
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  • EXCITECH extends Chinese New Year Holiday to Feb 9

    The decisive, powerful and orderly, scientific and well-planned measures to effective curb the spread of Wuhan Virus is ongoing at national leve in China, as support, EXCITECH extends lunar holiday to Feb 9. Until now, no case related to employees in EXCITECH is reported, we will back to offic...
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  • Chinse New Year Holiday 2020

    Chinse New Year Holiday 2020

    Chines new year is  the most  cheerful  festival of each year in china's tradition,  in this year of rat, this festival will be held between 21th January  and 1st February.  During this public holiday, you are still welcomed to contact us via web message, email...
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  • Customers from Philippinese Furniture Industry

    Customers from Philippinese Furniture Industry

    Customers from philippinese furniture industry visted EXCITECH CNC recently, the customer team includes both managment and technican people. The visit lasted for one week, both process and result of the visit are exciting. ...
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  • What factors affect the performance of your CNC cutting machine?

    What factors affect the performance of your CNC cutting machine?

    Why is your CNC cutting machine not as good as other manufacturers’, why is the daily output of other manufacturers higher than yours? If money is the measure of the value of goods, time is the measure of the value of efficiency. Therefore, for a lack of efficiency, you have to pay a high p...
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  • EXCITECH CNC and LIANMIER celebrate the commissioning of their Industry 4.0 Cloud Factory in Sichuan

    EXCITECH CNC and LIANMIER celebrate the commissioning of their Industry 4.0 Cloud Factory in Sichuan

    On December 20, 2019, Sichuan LIANMIER Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. and EXCITECH CNC announced in a celebration ceremony the launch of their Industry 4.0 Smart Cloud Factory. Without this new production plant, raised labor costs, long delivery times, unstable quality, and insufficient capacity of...
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  • Kitchens in black: a touch of elegance and personality

    Kitchens in black: a touch of elegance and personality

    Black has been showing up in kitchens for a while now, but it is growing more and more in popularity, which is a radical change from the traditional white and light tones that had been used in the kitchen until very recently. Thus, the darker color of the palette is introduced in the design of th...
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  • Advantages of Hot-air Edge Banding Technology

    Advantages of Hot-air Edge Banding Technology

    Technology Innovation continues. The hot air system is a recent development which helps in achieving perfect edge banding and best aesthetic of kitchen, office and bathroom furniture. No sooner than introduction of this technology, EXCITECH had taken it in use, today, our Hot Air Edgebander Serie...
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  • You Can Also Work  Composites with EXCITECH

    You Can Also Work Composites with EXCITECH

    A composite material is a material made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties that, when combined, produce a material with characteristics different from the individual components.  With help of our EXCITECH CNC Technology, you also ca...
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  • Creative Works You Can Do with EXCITECH 5-axis Machining Center

    Creative Works You Can Do with EXCITECH 5-axis Machining Center

    Five axis CNC routers are extremely unique in the woodworking industry, partly because it takes a skilled programmer and a skilled operator to properly marry the design with the desired outcome. It can works like a 3D printer, but it can work in larger scale and with more alternatives of material...
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  • CNC Router or PTP?

    CNC Router or PTP?

    While many people believe CNC router and a router on a machining center perform the same tasks, the questions about the differences between them were still frequently asked. It is clear they have different part holding methods, the software and controller system are different, but there exists do...
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  • EXCITECH and Guangdong Custom Home Association Sign Strategic Partnership Framework

    EXCITECH and Guangdong Custom Home Association Sign Strategic Partnership Framework

    Guangzhou, China, 01 Nov 2019 – The EXCITECH and the Guangdong Custom Home Association signed today a Strategic Partnership Framework outlining areas of cooperation to deepen institutional engagement and jointly accelerate the intelligent manufacturing in furniture industry. The framework was dra...
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